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Raising Stars Institute

Raising Stars Institute

About RSIExcellence in Christian Education
RSI seeks to be the most faithful Christian School in this nation. To that end, we have in place a very Christian school framework that guides all of our school programs.
A school framework is like a cup and our school programs are like the liquid within the cup. Our school framework is the guiding principles upon which our school programs take shape. Our school framework reflects our unchanging desire to be faithful to Christ and to be excellent in the execution of our faith. Our school program reflects our commitment to excellence that is always on the lookout to change, improve and upgrade for the betterment of our students.
Thus RSI has an unchanging core that guides an ever-changing program that keeps up with an ever-changing world. Read on in our Information Tab to find out more!
School Programs
Raising Stars Institute uses a triple curriculum that is seamlessly integrated into one. 1. The National Curriculum - Kurnas is set by the Government. BI, IPA, IPS, Matematika, Indonesian Studies. 2. The School Curriculum - Developed internally, the school curriculum includes: Computer, Art, Craft, Mandarin, Music, Public Speaking, Sports, Convention Training. 3. The Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) Curriculum
School Curriculum – Accelerated Christian Education (ACE)
or School of Tomorrow (SOT)
Raising Stars utilizes a school system from America called School of Tomorrow (SOT). SOT is a Christian curriculum which uses the bible as its core. There are 5 distinguishing features of SOT. Our classrooms are very different from conventional classrooms. Normal classrooms are “Teaching Oriented” classrooms. One teacher stands in front of 40 students teaching. A smart student knows everything, and he does not learn. A slow student couldn’t understand, and he does not learn. A naughty student disturbs other students, and they do not learn. A normal classroom is good for teaching, but it is not good for learning. It is “Teaching Oriented” Our classrooms are “Learning Oriented”. Students have their own offices, learning at their own pace. A smart student learns fast, a slow student learns slowly, and the naughty student cannot disturb others. Every student learns under constant supervision. But then we ask, who’s teaching? Students learn from PACEs.

PACEs are workbooks which students complete. These PACEs are designed and written in such a way that students can simply read the instructions, and do the activities and they will understand concepts. PACEs are thin, normally 30 – 40 pages long and they come in sets of 12 for one level per subject. So for example, a Grade 1 student will have a set of Math PACE numbering from 1001 – 1012, an English PACE from 1001 – 1012, and so on. The PACE system is highly elaborate and it has 5 core subjects, with many electives for higher levels. Rest assured that the academic quality of your child is well taken care of. In 2011, NARIC (A UK National accredication board) has found that the ACE curriculum is as good as or better than Cambridge! (O-levels and A-levels) And the combination of PACEs with students’ individual learning system in offices give rise to a beautiful result.

Fast students can simply go ahead to grade levels above his/her age group if they finish their work. In Raising Stars, it is common to see grade 2 students doing grade 3 work, grade 8 doing grade 11 work, and so on. Students in Raising Stars are set to graduate early. Students in SOT have to set daily goals. This is a crucial feature in the school system as students are given freedom (partial freedom for younger students) to set how much work they want to complete for the day, and take full responsibility for their own learning. Of course, they are highly monitored by the teachers, and no student is allowed to short-change himself or herself by setting a goal below his or her abilities. Students are trained to aim for excellence in all they do, and to graduate with excellent results and timing. In life, they will be able to set goals for themselves, and achieve those goals in a systematic fashion. While doing PACEs, students will reach checkpoints where they have to score their work and get their teachers to sign.

Students score their work by themselves by going to a scoring station (with permission) and checking his/her answers with the answer key provided there. In the process of scoring, students are always faced with an integrity dilemma: to cheat or not to cheat? Students deciding to cheat will find that their teachers are very much aware of all and any method they choose to cheat. Bible-based discipline will be quickly enforced and the teachers will have an opportunity to pray with the children regarding their sin, and to teach them valuable lessons. Honesty is good and well loved by God. Forgiveness is only a question away. God loves all sinners. And through this system, students are trained to fight against the desire to cheat, and they are groomed to be men and women of integrity. In SOT, teachers are called supervisors. The reason is simple, our teachers’ main job is to supervise students doing their PACEs.

Students reaching academic checkpoints and finding trouble understanding concepts in PACEs can simply raise their flags and supervisors will approach them. Being in a supervisory role where they constantly help students out one-on-one, supervisors develop a relationship with every student in class. The academic growth, character development and spiritual needs of the child are understood and met by the supervisor in every level. In Raising Stars, supervisors are highly-trained, and are well loved and respected by all students. We saved the best for last. Raising Stars Institute is structured and managed in such a way that the basic and fundamental attitude and atmosphere of the school is one where Jesus Christ is revered and honored. We believe that this school belongs to God, and the school operates accordingly. Every morning, all students will go through 30 minutes of Morning Service where supervisors share about God and biblical concepts. Our discipline system operates by the motto “Love never fails”. We fight misbehavior with love, and we believe that the student will change for the better. We hold prayer sessions for staff, students and parents. And best of all, the PACEs which the students do every day are deeply saturated with God’s word and the 60 character traits of Jesus Christ. God is with us all the way.

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