Jam operasional Casablanca club, Weekday : pukul 06.00 Wib – 22.00 Wib, Weekend : pukul 06.00 Wib – 21.00 Wib, tgl. 24, 25 & 31 Desember 2017 pukul 06.00 Wib - 18.00 Wib & tgl. 1 Januari 2018 Club Tutup

Casablanca Club

Casablanca Club is one of the most exclusive and luxurious family sports Club, located in the heart of kelapa gading area, northern part of Jakarta. Casablanca Sport Club offers you variety of facilities that will totally Indulge the whole family. Enjoy a full range of first class facilities that suit to your family and the loves ones.
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Casablanca Club Event

Casablanca Club Event Lomba Mewarnai Celengan Lomba Mewarnai Celengan
"Lomba Mewarnai Celengan Bersama Casablanca Club"

Daftarkan Segera Putra Putri Anda
Lomba Mewarnai Celengan
Sabtu, 28 Oktober 2017 Pukul 10.00 wib
Pendaftaran : Rp. 65.000,- /anak sudah termasuk Makan siang Mcdonalds,Merchandise Mcdonalds dan Goodie Bag Staedtler

Pendaftaran dan Info @ Front Ofc / 021.45854788
Casablanca Club Event Raising Stars InstituteRaising Stars Institute
Raising Stars Institute
RSIExcellence in Christian Education
Casablanca Club
Location at Second Floor

Phone : (021) 4585 4785/89
Casablanca Club Event Seminar Kesehatan JantungSeminar Kesehatan Jantung
"Seminar Kesehatan Jantung"

Sabtu, 26 Agustus 2017 Pukul 10.00 wib
Casablanca Club - Ruang Aerobic

Gratis Test Kesehatan
Doorprize Sesi Tanya Jawab
Gratis Bubur Ayam

Pendaftaran dan Info @ Front Ofc / 021.45854788